Now we are at a camp with many Japanese students and several students from Australia. It is a lot of fun meeting everyone and learning about where they are from. This picture is my group at camp, The Awesome Possums, making our team flag.
Today we did lots of getting to know you games, an obstacle course and presentations about our country.
I also snuck off and went swimming in the river next to the camp and when I came back I found out there were poisonous snakes in it!

Hi class!
It took me a while but I finally made it to Japan. The trip usually takes about one day but because of weather we got stuck in Detroit for a day and had to wait another day before we made it to Japan. I am very excited to be here and many many new people. I'm also excited to go back to where I used to live and see old friends. 

This is a picture of the family that I'm staying with in Osaka. The parents are Takaaki and Kanako. Their children are named Marina (5 years old) and Manami (3 years old ) The kids like to take me around and show me things.
I've included pictures from our trip to Kobe yesterday. Kobe is another big city on Osaka Bay that was one of the first places foreigners lived when the country opened up in 1868.
I liked reading Kimberly's blog and hearing what you did each day. I will try and make a blog entry everyday if I can. Talk to you soon!