Today we had a really busy day. First thing we had the Japanese tea ceremony. A tea master showed us how to make tea and then everyone got a chance. Then we toured the "oldest public school" in the world. It was a really beautiful building and interesting to imagine students having class in it 400 years ago.
The big event was orienteering which was really a three hour hike and competition to get the most stamps from different stations. It was a lot of fun but really tiring and sweaty.
The reward for finishing the course was getting to play smash the watermelon. Kind of like a pinata but hitting a watermelon instead. It was so cold and sweet!
Tonight we had a campfire where they kept adding logs and kerosene to make a very tall fire. A little scary but fun!



08/01/2012 11:10am

Hey Aaron, Peter here, it's been hot here to.

08/01/2012 11:17am

"Long Hot Day" seems fun!!


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