we  had a share with all of the parents aaron gots some cool gifts and we sang for him we also worked on our portfolios 
we had art and did drumming with a guest drummer in art we made samurai hats to wear on the last walk it was awesome
today we played bizz buzz in math in writing we worked on our bird graph We worked on our portfolios  then we had recess and lunch a picture on the roof then jobs and dissmisal   
today we had our last book clubs and got a tour of the 5th grade building by the fifth graders it was awesome!!! We also got to eat cupcakes to celebrate Shea's birthday!   
Today people made quiz's of there bird you can see them on the top of our page. We did birds and every one is doing great on there birds.
today we had math groups and we did study island and work with Aaron! We wrote about our trip to Pea Island  our birds! Then we had book clubs,and solar! We woked on our birds and then read G
today we had lots of fun doing book clubs!!!! We had no time to do birds and we red Gentle's Holler and  
Today in the morning we our EOG answer sheets. In math we played some math games. We had book buddies and then writing! After we had fun  
                Today we started making our bird models.     
          Today in the morning we went bird-watching. In math we played a game of I have who has. Art was really fun.! We used ink to make our bird stamps. Then we worked on our Pea Island writing. In book clubs we worked on definitions of words. Sadly after that it was time