Today was the last day of the quarter
Today the schedule is the same as yesterday ( I wasn't here yesterday i just asked Aaron) 
P.S. I may not be super enthusiastic about this because like i said i wasn't here yesterday and they thought i would like it but i have a "Interesting way of choosing my job so they where wrong. 
P.P.S. Micah did the blog yesterday
Today we split into groups for lighthouses & Prezi.
Today we made landscapes for our lighthouses and we also made up musical games in music. We also worked on our prezis some more.
Today we learned about a website that helps us with pretensions.  We also went to dance and had a great great time. 
Today japenese students came and we showed them our lighthouses. Everyone thought they were ssssssssssssoooooooo nice! 
Today almost every one has finished there  Lighthouse.  We also went  cheryle's  class to see there electric areas they made.  
Today we voted on the name for our class song, Ella will be the tie breaker, I hope she will be  back soon we miss her!
P.S. Get well soon Ella