Today, during math we had our first bird watching session. There was a very wide variety of them. We got a lot done in writing. In turbines we had some more tests done and even more DNA!!! In birds, we each chose this quarters topic for ourselves.  We hope to see some more birds tomorrow!
Hey! Today @ book buddies, we practiced our plays. We got a lot done in finish up, and we have 3 new books in book club! We had forgot we are going to pea island soon!
Guess what! We had a wind turbine contest! And we are going to see who wins really soon 
Today we started to talk about making our wind turbines and Judys class came. At the end of the day we read Gentle's Holler.
Today we started the day with our first math groups!!! A little while later, we went to aikido and had a blast. Later at 3:30, there will be a veriaty  show rehearsal.
today we did solar art and writing about Shackerford banks
We started our personal narratives about our trip and began to look at problem solving.  Monday we will start steering towards solar writing.  Our wind turbine came today and we got to have a sneak peak of that!! 

Well we are back in school! Everything is going great and everybody is happy to catch up with friends!  Tomorrow is a big trip to  the beach and we are all hyped about that!!!