dear Aaron and world ( mostly Aaron) we loved what you sent us . we hope you having a japanese anvenure

from your class (mostly ella)
we  did math witch was fun and writing and resess!

We did writing about hobo's and then we did weekly reports and Ticket To Ride.  We did jobs and played a game called Number, Digit, Place.  And then we had dismissal.

We did yoga, and after yoga we did THAM. (aka) Thursday afternoon meeting. Then we had ASR (aka) all school recess. When we went inside we did compliments  and book share where we share our favorite book.  Then we read Bud not Buddy. 
Today we did splatter painting in art. Then we did writing about the Great Depression on a alpha smart. And we also did math with shapes. We learned we learned a lot about Japan. And read Bud not Buddy.  
We did book reviews, we saw a book trailer for Dying to meet you and a book review for the first Olympian. We also did ticket to ride
This morning we did xtramath and at  morning meeting  we did a handshake where we did not talk we said good morning with a handshake.  We worked on carving some more, and everybody finished in  Japanese and some of us started in English. We read some of the book Bud not Buddy. 
Today we played a math game. Then we did yoga. W had a hour at writing story's.We read a book called bud not buddy. thats all.