Today we had our presentation on what we have done this quarter!!! We also played the Great Game for the last time. Remember that tomorrow is an early-release day, and the last day of the quarter. Have fun over the break!!!
Today it was Natalie's 10th birthday! We had her moms homemade rice krispie treats!  
Today we studied great depression music.  
Today Aaron brought a record  and a Victrola [ a record player] from the 30's.  
Today we  finished our books in book clubs. We are right now reading Bud not Buddy our class book.
Today  was   grandparents  day  so  some  of  our  grandparents  came  in  and  we  had  a  guest  geologist  come  in  to  teach  us  about  rock  and  minerols  and  a    little  bit  about  what  a  geologist  does.
yesterday  we  went  to  Occoneechee  Moutain  is  was  really  fun.  We  went  to  the  old  mind  and  made  Andy  Goldswothy  art.  It  was  nice  to  see  other  peoples  creations  and  idea.  Today  we  performed  at  THAM,  did  diskription  on  rock  and  did  are  second  to  last  yoga  class.
Today  was  a  busy  day.  we  finish  writing  about  are  wild  things  and  rocks   well  most  of  us  did.  and  we  did  Andy  Goldsworthy  sketches.