today we tried to finish our projects
today we had our last day of P.E and project
Today we worked hard at our Colonial Math Towns. At recess, the platforms for SRC were luring everyone to vote for them with sweets and games (not that I'm complaining!). Tomorrow we have voting!
At project work, everyone got a lot of work done. We hope to see you all on Tuesday for our presentaition
today we had colonial math writing  project and maps
TODAY we did colonial math,writing and project
today we finished book clubs!
today we worked on our colonial trades and our trade writing

today was a short day and we worked on or sighs
today was long and sweaty we had recess and lunch also we listened to the hobbit .  Today was so hot and we worked on our colonial trades and we painted the background of our sighs .  Today was full of 
Today most people finished there book club books and that it was very hot! Now that's a hot day!