Today in the morning we had a very exciting math. First we went bird watching. Then we had a worksheet for subtracting   fractions. After that we had a writing time of an hour and fifteen minutes.Then, after recess we had book clubs. Next we worked on my favorite thing, the experience map. But then we went home.    
Today was Joes birthday! also we talked about pea island and we made card stamps. ASWOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  
Today we are really excited to go to pea island. Also we looked at maps of pea island and alligator river we also w 
Today was pretty simple a electricain came and talked to use and also we hade 
Hey ya'll! Today, on the walk, the weather was so beautiful. In music, we all got a feeling of what drumming this year will be like. We got a lot done in bird research. The wind turbines contest winners were given their tee-shirt and we saw 2 mourning doves in our new bird feeder!!! 

Your blogger this week was Natalie!!!
Today, we were speeding in math to get to Aikido. After that, we gave our wind turbine presentation at THAMM. This afternoon, we started doing some bird research. At the end, we put a new bird feeder in the window.
<3 Natalie
Today, during math we had our first bird watching session. There was a very wide variety of them. We got a lot done in writing. In turbines we had some more tests done and even more DNA!!! In birds, we each chose this quarters topic for ourselves.  We hope to see some more birds tomorrow!
Hey! Today @ book buddies, we practiced our plays. We got a lot done in finish up, and we have 3 new books in book club! We had forgot we are going to pea island soon!
Guess what! We had a wind turbine contest! And we are going to see who wins really soon 
Today we started to talk about making our wind turbines and Judys class came. At the end of the day we read Gentle's Holler.