today we played bizz buzz in math in writing we worked on our bird graph We worked on our portfolios  then we had recess and lunch a picture on the roof then jobs and dissmisal   
geri meredith
6/4/2013 12:24:43 pm

What a joy to note all the progress you are making in expressing your thoughts as you describe your daily activities, I am so proud to sense that you are learning a lot, but that you are also having fun with a group of adventurous and curious classmates. Best of all, you are blessed with an expansive educationally forward thinking teacher, Aaron! Luv Ms Geri

Sandi Narin
6/4/2013 12:51:38 pm

Hi Anna,
I loved your cardinal quiz, but I got only eight of the ten answers correct. You seem to be doing fun and interesting things in school, according to your informative blog.


Francis Narin
6/4/2013 02:17:44 pm

I don't know what bizz buzz is, but I think it's great that you and your class are soo up-to-date with the digital age.

Sheri Narin
6/6/2013 07:38:42 pm

Have a great last day!


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