Today we put up our generators. So no more of that. Anyway we're still working on solar art. Were pretty much almost done with solar art. Anyway that also means that I'll stop making the blog well maybe. We'll that's all I guess. Hope you enjoyed reading. Please  comment. Sam.
Today we use energy meters to see how much volts we could make with our generators. Also we had to write down the steps to make the generators. Then we made videos of how it works. Aaron will probably finish editing the video in a day or so.  Right now students  of Aaron's  class are working are working on things for our solar classroom. Like making sighs that say: this class is solar powered. Or painting a charge controller. And also someone is writing a solar classroom blog someone like me. And also a circuit breaker sigh and a lot of other stuff that I can't name because I'm writing this blog.  Hope you enjoyed reading. Please comment. Sam. 
Today mostly everybody made a little generator that has enough energy to lite up a tiny light. You had to rape wire around a little box. Then you pinch jumper clips to the wire and the tiny lite. That the easy way of explaining it.  If you want to see somebody making it in stop animation look down. Thanks for reading. please comment. Sam. 
Hello this is my first post so just read it hope you enjoy. Today we learned how generators work.   A  generator pushes electrons  using a magnet, just like a water pump moves molecules of water. That's how a generator works. We also are going to make our own generators. But today we just saw the parts of the generator.  We are learning about generators  because that's how we will make wind turbines.
Hoped you liked this post. Please comment. Thanks Sam.


    I'm Sam I hope you enjoy reading. I write the blog for your enjoyment. I put about an hour to write this blog for you guys so hope you like it.


    April 2013