today we threw a surprise party for Heather [because its here half birthday]
today we had music and we acted out a play about a possum and a door and we worked with electricity and during that we worked on conductors and insulators things that let electricity flow and thing that don't let it flow   
today we had dance with gust spare and we  worked on our apology poems and some of use finished .  we had the making of the band and while that was going on we made tools from our read aloud book called storm warriors  and we had gobs and dismissal  
Today we worked on our apology poems! and we discovered a new website called the208.typing club it is a really fun! also we worked on our face judged and we finishedthem.
Today we recited our Martin Luther king Jr I have a dream speech on tape! My stomach was churning and my heart was beating faster than a speed boat I bet it happened to a lot of other people!
Today we had dance and at the end of the day some of our classmates went to make the band,  and the rest of us played dominoes with our teacher.
Today we had art and made our ugly jugs and most of us finished them!




Today we made a compass in magnets! And some kids went to make the band at 2:00. This year will be over a soon as we know it :[
This week we each have to memorize a certain part of "I Have a Dream", MLK. We are all soooo excited!
Today we had our first dance class with Gaspard. We had sooo much fun! In writing, we each have to memorize a poem by tomorrow. Eesh! In magnets, we got to use filed iron and we put them in these containers and we put magnets against the sides and we got to see the magnetic field. We are all heavily enjoying Storm Warriors. Happy almost Friday!