We learned the end of our dance (we will preform at the Strawberry Festival!!!).
Today we started our art  masterpieces and finished up our lighthouse models. 
Today was rainy and dreary we had indoor recess and stayed inside all day. One fun thing was that we started an exciting new project  about solar electricity.  - Peter Z Mullen
Today was pretty much a normal Monday morning with Math and Meeting  but in Book Buddies we recited "poems for two voices", a poem were your book buddy reads one to two lines as a character and then you read one to two lines as another character. In electricity this afternoon we looked at some diagrams and a video about solar panels.  And to finish it all off we worked on our lighthouse scale models. - Peter Z Mullen
today we did a lot of work on our light houses such as painting and staring the lantern room
today we learned about a electric meter and we will see the ones at our houses and we worked on our lighthoses
Today we had a substitute and her name was Laura. She stayed until recess. After recess Anna shared her huge pencil that three people could hold at one time!!!! Then we had to paper mache our lighthouses.
Today we worked on our lighthouses and built witch was making the shape of it. 
Happy late Valentines Day everyone!!! Today in music we played our recorder games and we have started our lighthouse tubes!!!!!
Today in art most of us completed our color wheels and had a blast while doing it. During writing we got all of the research that we need for our lighthouse writing, and tomorrow we can finish it!!!!