We sang rocket man for the last time today!



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Today we had yoga with Brian! In yoga we learned about
Today we had book clubs. We have different things we do for book clubs and on Wednesday we do reading, discussing (we have them every day) and w w (wondering words).



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Today in rocks we did a streak test! A streak test is where you streak a rock on porcelain square. We also smelled the rocks
Today we played a game called the Great Game it is about farming during the Great Depression. Every day is a year,  there are three different crops to plant corn, wheat and cotton. But for cotton you need a cotton gin. 
Today we played a math game including A farm . Also we went to music.
Today we learned about a new math game that we haven't played. We also did yoga.  
Today Micah Mullen visited us
Today  we were suppose to finish our writing. We also learned about area in math!
Today we had our first book buddy session. Also we did writing   about Hanging rock!