today we saw a play by the energized guys.
Today we just about finished our newspaper tomorrow we have to finish it!
The weekend's over, and schools in! Today we had a pretty simple schedule, math and writing in the morning, and we had book buddies and book clubs after recess and lunch. At meeting, we had some pretty interesting weekend shares. Tomorrow, we are planning to finish up our Native American Newspaper. Because of Hurricane Sandy, Anna is stuck in
NY, so we missed her here today. See you soon!!!
Today we made egg carton fraction posters! Yay yay yay!
Today we played a exhausting game of anetsa it was three to three. 
today we wrote  about a Indian game called anetsa and made lacrosse sticks out of well nature sticks.  
Guess what !  Today we have a mystery , there's new stuff about  the lost colony!

Today Aaron came back! We had Math,Writing ,Find the difference &  Book buddies !!!!!!!!!

                                             Kimberly Whitehall!
Today we saw a video about the Lost Colony.  We had music and we got our yellow and purple belts.  We got to dress up as our favorite book character and read a favorite part of a book aloud. 
Today we had to write 1 paragraph on our Native American tribe.